Marsh Madness

Marsh Drake & Potion of Madness full BG.png
Class: Priest

This combo is sadistically straight-forward. With a Marsh Drake and Potion of Madness in hand, all you need is 4 mana and for your opponent to play a minion – the bigger, the better! In fact, if it’s some kind of drake, that’s bonus points. Because it’s about to get slain.

Simply play your Marsh Drake to start, which summons a poisonous 2/1 minion for your opponent. Then – yoink! – take back the 2/1 minion you just gave with Potion of Madness, and slam it into their best minion! Deathwing; Y’shaarj; Angry Chicken; they’ll all fall to just a single taste of Marsh Madness.

Not only does this combo give you a huge tempo advantage, but it also includes a dragon, which can be extremely helpful for dragon-based priest decks. Marsh Drake even has enough health to survive Duskbreaker!

Do note, though, that if your opponent has a weak taunt minion protecting their best minions, this combo doesn’t quite work. The combo fails in an even more heartbreaking way if the 2/1 Drakeslayer is summoned next to a Dire Wolf Alpha.

You can help make sure you get full value from the combo by playing additional cards that deal with weak minions, like Shadow Word: Pain, Spirit Lash, or even Silence. These will, at the very least, allow you to play Marsh Drake more consistently, since you’ll have more answers to the 2/1 Drakeslayer than just Potion of Madness.

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